Saturday, 4 October 2014

Life As I Know It - #1

So welcome to my new post called 'Life As I Know It', such an imaginative name(!)

Since becoming a college student it's been rather busy, actually I don't think busy is even the right word. The work is great, not too much or complicated but enough that challenges my skills already. I've made some new friends & tread on the path of people who I wish I hadn't met but still have yet to shake their hand & thank them. What I'm trying to say is, people who I met in the past (and really wish I hadn't) were the ones that got myself to open new doors to some amazing things hence why I want to shake their hand.

I'm a Student Rep for my class at Level 1 Art & Design which I feel has given me an extra boost to act mature and be professional.

Recently I turned 18, the age that says you're legal to drink... I think I'll just stick to water thanks!
My teenage years have just ran like the clappers and I feel like I've missed so much, So I'm making it my mission to do as much as possible before I'm 21 years old (since that's the actual age you hit adult hood.)

And last and no means least, I passed the Gold Arts Award! I'm rather proud of myself because I did it just under a year. I restarted the Arts Award in December/January and completed it in September this year.

So for now my dears, I'll bid you a short sweet goodbye but I'll be back blogging hopefully next week! x

(this post is also on That's A Teens Life also written by myself. I own full copyright of the illustration.)

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  1. Well done :) I like your casual and humorous style of writing. I'm eighteen too now, but yes, I think I'll just stick to water!